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Sales, machine installation of NC machine tools, service and training

Okuma is a leading machine tool company with three core values.


•High accuracy, high rigidity, long-life products
•Comprehensive service, from installation to after sales follow up service and software needs
•Provision of the best solutions to precisely meet customer needs

We hope to share these values and the joy of monozukuri with customers, and look forward to serving you in any way we can. 

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Okuma's "Intelligent Technology."

5-Axis Auto Tuning System
Quick and easy tuning by anyone

Rotary axis misalignment and other “geometric error” is measured automatically and the motion accuracy of 5-axis machines is tuned. In this way 5-axis machining accuracy on a higher level is achieved.
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Machining Navi
Easy optimization of cutting conditions

With graphical representation of machine performance, the operator can easily select optimal cutting conditions.
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Collision Avoidance System
World's first "Collision-Free Machine"

CAS prevents collisions in automatic or manual mode, providing risk-free protection for the machine—and great confidence for the operator
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Thermo-Friendly Concept
Working with temperature changes

Okuma machines that feature TFC are designed to respond to heat in certain directions. Coupled with highly accurate thermal deformation compensation, the benefit is highly stable accuracy over long runs.
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Latest Update 14 Mar 2019
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