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Super-big returnable container "Tough-Pak"

 Tough-Pak Various offering points

● Saving running cost with minimun packing material

● Improved packing workability

● 1/7 size when returned

● Saving transportation fee

● Easy lock system

● Easily viewable "locked" / "unlocked"



● Introducing "Hiple-Ace", having compression strength: 4,000kgf

● No rack to stack, flexible layout and high-storage efficiency

● Using "inner-rib", proprietary technology realizes
   1) light weighted but high-rigid pallet    2) inner flat pallet face

● Sleeve shape variation

● Height of sleeve


How to assemble

1. Place the pallet

Set pallet on the flat place.
No need to pick a space for packing.

2. Place the cargo

Heavy and/or large cargo can be put easily due to no side wall.

3. Assemble sleeves (back side)

Set up sleeves in backside.Safe packing without any burden to the cargo.

4. Assemble sleeves (front side)

Set up sleeves in the front.
No burden to operator as the cargo had been settled already.

5. Seal the top cover

Safe operation can be performed with a light weight top-cover.

6. Finish

After sealing the cover, twist the latch in the direction of "lock" completely to lock the cover.

Latest Update 26 Mar 2020
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