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Okitsumo International (Asia) Co., Ltd.
Manufacture, sales and painting of functional paint

Aiming for a company with dreams in manufacturing surprises and impressive manufacturing

A new idea arising from the customer's point of view, resulting from communication with customers.
In order to materialize them, we will do with the technical strength and sincerity accumulated so far.

Okitsumo stands from three perspectives and delivers a wide variety of functional paints.​

Environment - First

We are actively working on environmental conservation and improvement through the development of paints that contribute to the environment, as well as paints that "protect the base materials" and "vividly color" paints, and business activities.

IT - cutting edge

Sharing information nose of customers all over the world instantaneously, feedback to the development field of research and development of new products as well as sales fields. Based on state-of-the-art IT environments, we are developing business with sales, technology and manufacturing integrated.

World - Standard

The world standard of functional paint is from Okitsumo.
We have production and sales bases in major countries, and we are delivering the best technology and products to the world.

Product introduction

Okitsumo's functional paint, such as automobiles, various factory offices and kitchen appliances, is active in our familiar places.

For details, please refer to "Product introduction" page

Quality control system

The monthly production volume is over 200 tons.
We conduct numerous rigorous inspections and deliver stable products at all times.

For details, see "Quality Control System" page "R & D" page

Global Network

The latest information from the world. The best technology and products to the world.
As "World Okitsumo", we are proactively developing proposal activities for all needs.

For details, refer to "Global network" page​


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