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Okitsumo International (Asia) Co., Ltd.
Manufacture, sales and painting of functional paint

 We exhibited at SURFACE & COATINGS 2022! 

Okitsumo exhibited at SURFACE & COATINGS 2022.

Date: 22-25 June 2022
Venue: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC) ​

≪Hall≫102    ≪Booth≫2C21    Zone. : Surface & Coating





2019 (SURFACE & COATINGS 2019)



2018 (SURFACE & COATINGS 2018)



Heat insulation and heat preservation paint "HIP Aero"


Just truly confine heat. It bounces off the heat altogether. It is to protect the environment by improving working environment and suppressing heat loss. It is a new "heat insulation and heat preservation paint" proposed by Okitsumo.

1. One tank keeps the temperature of the fluid inside the piping and keeps it cool.
2. Prevent corrosion / damage due to dew condensation of equipment.
3. Prevents burns due to contact with heat generating equipment.
4. Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Drying furnace, sintering furnace, franc, tank, piping


Lubricant Coating for Rubber and Plastic "LFP COATING"


Various functions for silicon rubber.

Okitsumo coating technology allows coating on non-adhesive materials such as rubber and plastic.

​1.This coating allows coating on silicon rubber, natural rubber, fluorine-rubber, EPDM, and PC, PPS, and other plastics such as PI. Expansion and contraction of rubber does not cause the paint film to peel or crack.
​2.It provides materials with dry lubricating ability and offers excellent sliding properties. It is an environmentally conscious, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and water-based paint.
​3.It offers excellent sliding and mold release properties for the effect of non-migration to prevent adhesion of packing and gaskets.


Clear coating agent for glass "GLC-1"


Plus a completely new environmental contribution status on glass. You can easily apply it with a roller, etc., keep the transparency and you can cut infrared rays 50% ultraviolet up to 95%.

1 Window hidden crown by cutting the thickness of the sunlight to make it gorgeous, cooling efficiency is improved.
2 Cut ultraviolet rays cause sunburn and indoor fading and discoloration on your skin.
3 Heat insulation by insulation of window glass suppresses heat outflow of heating.
4 Easy used with roller

Window glass of office, factory, commercial store, residential etc.


2017 (SURFACE & COATINGS 2017)





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