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Kanigen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Pioneer of Electroless Nickel (Kanigen) Plating since 1955

Plating plant

Our plating plant provides support to customers enabling the stable usage of our plating solution with superior operability, workability and safety

Auto-analyzing and replenishment device maintains the optimal condition of the plating solution


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SUMER auto-analyzing and replenishment device SACP-III

supports the optimal condition of the plating solution by analyzing and recording the nickel concentration, pH, temperature and replenish each solution automatically.


The filter pump filters the plating solution in circulation and removes impurities.


The filter pump for Kanigen plating SFVP series

Our SFVP series filter pump is the filtering device which makes the plating solution circulate and removes impurities during the plating process under the high temperature over long hours.


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