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Offset Printing

Being able to cover various types of purpose, It would be able to print items from simple mono color one to delicate expression of printing. Printing on cardboard with die cut and gluing, It is possible for the making of wrapping boxes as well.

By coupling a digital printing function with the previously available capability to deliver high print quality , the our system has the flexibility required for on-demand printing, duplex variable printing capability, and other features that
satisfy multiple and diverse customer needs.



UV type of Offset printing + Manufacturing of adhesive (Material; A-PET Sheet)


UV type of Offset printing + Die cut (Material; Foil Paper)



Doubleside Printing + Hot Stamping + Embossing  (Material; Dupdex Paper)


Offset type Sticker

 ( Materila; Paper, PET, YUPO ..etc)









Diecutting, Box Making

Paper Box,  Cardboard Box

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) Clear Box

PP (Polypropylene) Clear Box

Latest Update 21 May 2022
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