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Silk screen Printing

Silk screen can describe not only an appeal of existence of printing color but also detail expression of printing.

Compared with other way of printing, It must be able to obtain the most beautiful one.

Items are carefully printed each one by one with taking time.


We provide products such as Operation panels, Nameplates, Display tags and stickers for home appliances.

We support various materials such as normal paper, foil paper, synthetic paper, resin plate, cloth, and metal.

with various techinics Foil stamping, Embossing / Debossing and Die cutting.

We also accept secondary processing (character printing and painting) of resin molded products.


Example of product 1

Operation panel  (Material; Polycarbonate, PET...etc)

Example of product 2

Sticker of User’s manual of Electrical appliance (Materila; YUPO, PET, Coated Paper ...etc)
Latest Update 14 May 2022
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