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COVID-19 Infectious Diseases Sticker

We would be happy to help you, Hospitals, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants and companies from the preventing  spread of  infection.

 1.  Please Wear Face Mask Sticker

Size (W 185 mm × L 118 mm)

【Material】 Coated paper sticker, Gloss laminate  【Order】 By 10pcs lot.


 2.  Social Distancing Floor Decal Sticker


1. Circle Type (diameter 240 mm)


2. Square Type (W 240 mm × L 210 mm)

【Material】 Synthetic Paper(YUPO) 80micron remobable adhesive type, Laminated matte clear

         【Order】 MOQ  10pcs, SPQ 10pcs.

3. Gate pass  color stickers (Paper)

1. Circle Type
(diameter 15 mm)


2. Square Type
(W15 mm × L15 mm)


【Order】 MOQ;200pcs SPQ;200pcs ( 1sheet = 20pcs)

【Color】 Orange, Blue, Red

          ※Specification and price are subject to change without notice.

Please feel free to make an inquiry below if you have any questions related to the purchase.   0-2908-2007~8

We can have other design, colors and sizes custom ordered for you.

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