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Digital Microscope / 工業用内視鏡


Digital Microscope


> Digital Microscope with Wire

USB Connection Digital Microscope (200x / 600x)

(200x Model) 3R-MSUSB401・501 (600x Model) 3R-MSUSB601

3R-MSUSB Series can show the images of what you see on PC through USB connection. There are LED lights on top to light up the object . Both still/movie could be measured with specific software.

Magnification:  Max.200x

Magnification: Max.600x

Camera: 2M Pixel
Camera: 5M Pixel
USB connection Still / Animation Filming

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LCD attached Digital Microscope


Digital Microscope with flexible snake light that makes it possible to find all scratch on the material.

Magnification: 4x - 43x

Camera: 1M Pixel

4.3 inch monitor Still / Animation Filming

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Autofocus Digital Microscope "VIEWTY"


“isn’t it difficult to see details clearly with a digital microscope at higher magnification?”

​With the MSBTVTY , the high image quality of 3.2M pixels and liquid lens allows clear display of fine details at up to 250x. Defects that were previously undetectable can be determined accurately.

Magnification: Max.250x

Camera: about 3.5M Pixel

High speed autofocus Objects can be seen
Tablet or Smartphone

Still image of existing model 100x

Still image of MSBTVTY 100x

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> Wireless Digital Microscope

WIFI Digital Microscope (200x)


With WiFi connection,objects can be seen on tablet or smartphone.
You can also take and store pictures directly on your devices.

Magnification: Max.200x

Camera: about 1.3M Pixel

Signal range: about 5m Objects can be seen
Tablet or Smartphone

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最大有効長 6m


先端径 φ3.7mm / φ4.5mm / φ6.0mm / φ9.0mm
Φ6.0mm / Φ9.0mmはワンタッチで側視切替が可能
Still / Animation Filming テレビモニタ接続

ケーブル径: Φ5.5mm
解像度: 640×480

ケーブル径: Φ6.0mm
解像度: 1600×1200

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