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Miyathai Corporation Co., Ltd.
Metal Working oil (Cutting/Grinding oils, Coolant oils, Anti-rust oils, ) and other Industrial oils Fire alarm systems and SPD (Surge Protective Device).


Market leader in Asia. One of major metal working oil manufacturer.


►Water based cutting and grinding oils and fluids - YUSHIROKEN -

Improvement of working environment, remove flammable and ignitable risk and focus on cooling performance. Then, water-based products are recommended.



►Straight cutting and Grinding oils -YUSHIRON CUT / YUSHIRON OIL-

Excellent in welding resistance and lubricity made from mineral oils and fat oils.
It should be carefully handled due to flammability.



►Rust preventives - NON RUSTER -


Well managed and reliable Yushiro NON RUSTER for protecting valuable products.


►Metal cleaners - YUSHIRO CLEANER -

From light to heavy soil cleaning. Various products for various situations.


►Die Lubricants - YUSHIRON FORM -

- Aluminum Diecast Lubricants
- Magnesium Diecast Lubricants
- Urethane Foam Mold Release Agents
- Plunger Tip Lubricants


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