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Miyathai Corporation Co., Ltd.
Metal Working oil (Cutting/Grinding oils, Coolant oils, Anti-rust oils, ) and other Industrial oils Fire alarm systems and SPD (Surge Protective Device).

The only comprehensive lightning protection company in the world.

- In Thailand, lightning day (day that has lightning strike) is supposed to be 2 times more than Japan,
   which magnifies the lightning damages to devices.
- in order to bring safety and reassurance to the world, we would like to propose an effective lightning solution.

★SPD ----- Surge Protective Device

SPD will help to protect electronic devices from surge voltages. There are quite a lot of cases that devices are damaged althohgh SPD are installed. This may causse from inappropriate choice of SPD. We will offer you the best.



 SPD for Power

JIS/UL/IEC/RoHS compliant Direct surge (10/350us) Indirect surge (8/20us) applicable.

 SPD for communication

JIS/IEC/RoHS compliant SPD for signal lines.

 SPD for LAN

JIS/UL/IEC/RoHS compliant To protect equipments connectd to LAN network.

 SPD for Coaxial cable

JIS//IEC/RoHS compliant To protect equipments such as CCTV.

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