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System Upgrade Solution BKK Co., Ltd.
Design and manufacture of aluminum frames, aluminum pipe structure, waterproof aluminum control box and aluminum safety fence.

① An aluminum specialist

As a specialist of aluminum, we do the materials researches, therefore we know well about the product’s specific strength and shape. We can recommend the right products and solutions to our customers.

② A wide range of industries

We have experience in a wide range of industries including automobile, semiconductor, food, medicine and logistics.

③ An ability to respond

For customers in Thailand, we can provide you one-stop service from design to production~assembly (installation) whether prototype or mass product.


New Released


Karakuri Dispenser : Alcohol Gel Dispenser Stand


Sample Model

Work Table


Automation System



Latest Issued No.43

Fun DIY by G-Fun

Aluminum pipe structural material called "GF" plays an important role in improvement activities and karakuri. It is also sold to the general public under the "G-Fun" brand, which focuses on the DIY field. Let's get new ideas with G-Fun in this issue.

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Resolve the problem that customers are troublesome!

「iDshop」is a branch of SUS that provides solutions respond to the matter that customers are troublesome!

The staff in each branch will be as your consultant to solve the problem of cost reduction and enhance the performance efficiency.


Unit and actuator product for factory automation (FA)

Latest Update 24 Aug 2021
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