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System Upgrade Solution BKK Co., Ltd.
Design and manufacture of aluminum frames, aluminum pipe structure,
waterproof aluminum control box and aluminum safety fence.

Rangsit branch

SUS BKK, Rangsit branch is located in “Rangsit Prosper Estate”, farther to the north of Bangkok. We can support the customers in a number of industrial parks that located near Bangkok and Ayutthaya such as Nava Nakorn (Pathum Thani), Rojana (Ayutthaya), Hi-Tech, Bang Pa-in, Bangkadi and etc.
We have a specialized technician team, sales representatives and sales coordination team that can provide you the design and project effectively. In addition, we also have a showroom with samples of applications made from SUS products that actually work. Customers can visit and test it as virtual production site.





Latest Update 21 Apr 2022
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