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Manufacturing for press parts and sheet metal part

Sheet Metal

We realize integrated production processing from design to assembly
and respond to customer's request.​

Punch, Laser






► Fiber-Laser

Punch / Laser combined machine (AMADA / 1 unit)

Model: LC-2512C1AJ (1 unit)  Maximum processing range (mm): 2500×1270 (punch)、2500×1270 (laser)

NCT (AMADA / 4 units)

Model: EM-2510NT (1 unit)  Maximum working range (mm): 1,219x2,438

Laser processing machine (MITSUBISHI / 1 unit)

Model: 3015HVP-CF40

Press machine (AMADA 2 units / AIDA 1 unit)

► Bending

Press brake (AMADA / 6 units)



Model: HG1303
130t Maximum 3,000L

 (Blue circle) by clicking on it and enlarging it.​


► Welding

Welding line

Spot welding machine (OTC / 2 units)

Welding machine (OTC etc / 5 units)

► Painting

► Tap


► Caulking

► Deburring

Equipment name Manufacture name Model Quantity
Punch/Laser composite machine AMADA LC-2512C1AJ 1
NC turret punching press AMADA EM-2510NT 1
NC turret punching press AMADA NCT EM-258NT 1
NC turret punching press AMADA NCT AE-2510NT 2
Laser processing machine MITSUBIHI 3015HVP-CF40 1
Press brake AMADA HG1303 1
Press brake AMADA RG-125 1
Press brake AMADA RG-100 1
Press brake AMADA HDS-8020 2
Press brake AMADA RG-35 1
Spot welding machine OTC etc SPOT WELDING MACHINE 2
Welding machine OTC etc WELDING MACHINE 5
Press machine AMADA 200t  
Press machine AIDA 160t 1
Press machine AMADA 150t 1
Caulking machine HAEGER 618 Plus 5
Deburring machine S.T-Link METAL-ESTE 1


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