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Technical information service provider

Quick and high-quality translations

Realized by excellent human resources 

・Translation services utilizing our global network 

・Speedy delivery and reliable output of technical writing


Advantages of our translation services

●Multilingual translation services utilizing our global network 

We offer professional translation services in over 20 languages throughout the day by fully utilizing our overseas branches and by effectively using our communication network. 
Native speakers of the target languages are resident in our overseas subsidiary companies in Europe and Asia to ensure high-quality and quick translation services. 

●Highly accurate translations realized by professionals in specialized fields 

Our translation team, consisting of professional translators, coordinators, and specialists who are very knowledgeable in their respective fields, is ready to provide high-quality translations of technical documents. 

●High-quality proofreading by native checkers 

Every translation is proofread by an experienced native checker in regard to grammar, the natural use of language and expressions, and consistency for each language. 


We are capable of localizing various software and tagged sentences (HTML, SGML, XML, etc.). 
This localization support helps to expand your business opportunities. 

●Active utilization of computer-assisted translation systems, contributing to enhanced quality and cost performance 

The use of computer-assisted translation systems such as Trados generates databases from prior translations so that documents have standardized terminology, expressions, and sentences, which ensures high-quality and cost-effective translations. Further cost reduction is also possible through our collaboration with TRISOFT CCM. 

●High-quality interpretation services 

We support your business by dispatching interpreters in various business situations including sales negotiations with foreign customers, conferences, and technical training sessions. We offer high-quality interpretation services in many languages and fields. 

●Various services aimed at quality improvement 

We will collect and organize your specific terms and technical terms to register them in a specialized dictionary. 
Updating and utilization of terms is an effective means for ensuring stable quality improvement. In addition, proofreaders native in the target language conduct a precise check prior to delivery. 
A core team comprising a coordinator, translator, and native checker makes vigorous efforts to enhance the quality.

Main types of documents

■Manual    ■Marketing material 
■Catalog   ■Presentation material  
■Patent-related writing ■Specification      
■Technical writing   ■Contract 
■Academic essay    ■Training material 
■e-Learning   ■Drawing 

* Main business fields: Domestic and overseas automotive, machinery, medical equipment industries, etc.

Main languages

Latest Update 25 Apr 2018
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