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Technical information service provider

Total support ranging from project planning to printing and order handling


Printing service

●We offer a wide variety of monochrome and color printing. 
●Various sticker production 
●Various file bookbinding services 
●We meet our customer requirements, for as many pages as are necessary. 
●Monochrome/color on-demand output 
●Analog reproduction and CTP 
●Saddle stitch binding, adhesive binding, special bookbinding 
●Creation of CD-R, CD-ROM and covers, and so forth

From translation to bookbinding

We can support bookbinding at our subcontract facilities. 
To further increase customer satisfaction, the manufacturing system is maintained based on the concept of one-stop solution. 
Our long-standing services and actual performance have been highly evaluated by our customers. 
We can meet wide-ranging needs for printing with our quality-oriented, prompt service system.

Customer support

After the completion of products, we are able to handle a variety of needs ranging from inventory management to alternate order placement or receipt. 
We support the entire process up to the safe delivery of products to users, instead of ending our job with the completion of products. 
We are confident that we can steadily expand the synergy effect through a long-term relationship with our customers.
Latest Update 25 Apr 2018
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