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Okuno-Auromex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Plating chemical, local production in Thailand

Technology utilizing years of experience and expertise, to provide facilities in various industries and non-metallic coating of metal surface treatment chemicals

Thai Auromex Co, Ltd. was founded in 1979 as a trading and an import company. It is the leading importer of extensive lines of innovative chemical products and equipment for metal and non-metal finishing applications to customers within various industries in Thailand.

After having accumulated a rewarding 30 years of experience, we have gained remarkable achievements and progress. At present, our team structure allows us to draw on the expertise of our well educated associates at all levels to improve every aspect of our business and to ensure the highest level of quality and satisfaction gained from our customers.

Our long term commitment to embracing change and to continuously improving has proven the ability to leverage our core strengths, to boost our operational performance and to deliver good quality products and customized services to our customers.

Thai Auromex Co, Ltd. is a total service provider in metal and non-metal finishing industry, ranging from a process design to complete innovative equipment for both plating lines and waste treatment systems. Consistent customer training and consultation is the key to our success which is to “Ensure Smooth operation” for our customers and business partners.

Import and sale of local manufacturing and plating chemicals

In the short term to enable and ensure the delivery of local manufacturing, surface treatment chemicals will deliver the same quality and competitive price in Japan Takashi Katsu. (Lead-free electroless nickel chemicals Meki, various chemicals for aluminum surface treatment, various pre-treatment chemicals, nickel plating brightener, etc.). Moreover, imports of pharmaceutical products and other Okuno, and also sells stock

Various plating pretreatment chemicals

We supplies a wide range of cleaners for electoplating and industrial use, as well as surface preparation for different kinds of substrates.


Regular and attentive after-sales service

ervice of our customers is provided by the personal touch of our technical/sales representatives and they are ably supported by our technical staffs who have available many different hi-tech instruments fr analysis, research, development and technical support.

Lab Analytical Services

We and our partners invest continously in more advenced instruments for precise analysis. Our aim is to provede a faster response and accurate analysis for local industries.


Our main business

We will introduce the work of our three pillars
Leveraging technology services and local community-based expertise, a variety of suggestions for other surface treatment, let me offer our improvement.

Surface treatment chemicals division

With experience of 30 years in the plating field, OKUNO-AUROMEX has been involved with a wide range of industries. We can therefore offer flexible, tailor-made services for automotive parts, electronic and electrical appliances, PCBs, hardware and furniture, jewelry, sanitary ware, sports equipment and more.
Based on the normal plating aiming “Beautiful” and “Rust prevention”, we have been focusing on giving added-value of multifunction, high
performance and high reliability, we have been coming forward to
environmental protection.

Food division

As a distributor of Okuno Chemical Industries, we have been providing various quality improves, stabilizers for processed foods and total sanitation system with wide-range services to our clients under the motto “Provide taste and safety to the table”

Inorganic Materials Division

Okuno Chemical Industries have been expanding business lines into the functional materials for precision electronics components having higher added-value by applying paste forming technology to glass color applications, such as decoration of glass and marking on glass.
Latest Update 14 Feb 2013
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