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Okuno-Auromex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Plating chemical, local production in Thailand

Various plating drug treatment agents


Corroion resistance coating

. Zinc and alloys
. Conversion coatings
. Sealers

We supply different brightener systems for various kinds of zinc plating and zinc alloys, e.g.zinc-iron, zinc-nickel brighteners, along with all post-treatments such as conversion coatings. With over ten years; experience in alkaline non cyanide process we can be trusted to implement better quality and environmentally friendly processes.

Wear-resistant coating

. Autocatalytic(Electroless) nickel
. Hard chromium

Electroless nickel deposits have properties which enable them to be used for corrosion protection and provide wear resistance for fabricated parts. Electroless nickel-plating technology has progressed remarkably, in company with industrial development. We also have been supplying various electroless plating solutions and composite plating solutions.
Addtionally, we supply hard chrome for components that require superior wear resistance.

Chemical for Printed Circuit Boards(PCBs)

Following remarkable advances in electronic instruments, higher tracking density and higher reliability are demanded of printed circuit boards. We offer a variety of ideal treatment chemicals for multi-layer boards, build-up boards, flexibile boards and surface mounted circuit boards.

Chemicals for treatment of Alminium and aluminium alloys

Aluminium is in focus today as a planet-friendly material, for its high recyclability ad lightness.
OKUNO-AUROMEX aluminium surface-treatment chemicals enhance the attributes of aluminium and comprehensively support effective aluminium use.

Chemicals for Fuctinal Electronic Coating

Tin and tin lead plating
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