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Okuno-Auromex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Plating chemical, local production in Thailand

Message from the Management

With our strengths of local expertise in providing technical services, operating as solution provider for various technologies and ensuring our partners to achieve the target quality under the slogan “Ensure Smooth Operation”. Together with Okuno Chemical Industries Co, Ltd. which emphasizes their efforts in R&D and technology to customized products for each requirement under the slogan “Develop products to become a real beloved person”

The above strengths, Okuno – Auromex Management team is strongly committed to
• “Responding to the needs of technology in the future industries”
Delivering the most up-to-date technology to meet the ever increasing demand in the competitive global market and the changes, such as environmental compliance regulations or higher performance requirements
• “Long term partnership”
Providing an international level of professional standards across all our services and focusing in providing knowledge to our customers to ensure that quality is built into the process of implementing a smooth operation and establishing a long term partnership with our customers.
• “Reliability”
Delivering reliable quality and good value products

On behalf of Okuno-Auromex, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our customers whom we see as our family for giving us kind patronage to our services for the past 30 years. With the establishment of Okuno-Auromex, we strongly believe that Okuno–Auromex team will deliver you the highest standard services and to be part of your success in the future to come.

Swaek Prakitritanon

Introduction Okuno-Auromex (Thailand) Co.,LTD

Latest Update 30 Jan 2013
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