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Produce with High Production Technology , Deliver a Reliable Product to Customer

Challenge for New Innovation and leadership for Future

Over 50 years of experience of Plastics Part Manufacturer. We are still aim to improve our Production Efficiency and Develop of Production Technology to privide an excellent Quality Product to all of our customer which our certainly and leader of Technology.

2 Materials Product, Such as Car Components,Office Automation and Communication Device, are our strengthen and relialable of our Technology. High accuracy Mold Making and Repairing technique is our service with our facilities and knowhow, to comply with the " GLOBAL PROCUREMENT " policy.

With this history, on 2006, we are establisment a Factory in Thailand which the same level of Quality as produce in Japan.

Paint Less and Weld Less Parts from  Metallic Resin
We  developed a Weld Less method to produce Painting Less Parts by used of  Metallic Resin.

Provide to Customer Requirement with the Exellence Quality

Support Production with Technology Development • Specialist• Exellence of Control System

Production Technology

Provide a High Plastic Injection Technology•Tunnel Gate System•High Precision Product

Mold Technology

Development of Mold Making Technology•High Quality and Reliable Mold

Exellence of Control System

Quality assurance by used of High effeciency Measuring instruments.

Injection Technology of Different Material / 2 Colors Part

Combine of different Material
High Injection Technology / Mold Design and Making is required
Part of different Material
Gasoline Filling Packing in Car
Material PP ( Polyproperlene ) + TPO ( Elastomer )

2 Colors Products
Mobile Phone Components
Computer Component ( Clear + Black )

Part with a good Appearance and feeling of Grip by Texture (SHIBO)

Texture Appearance on Product (SHIBO) is develop from Mold Design
High Technique is required

Components of SLR

Printing Process

Quality of Printing is require a properly Design

Components of Flash

Paint Less and Weld Less Parts from  Metallic Resin

We  developed a Weld Less method to produce Painting Less Parts by used of  Metallic Resin.

Designate to use in Automotive parts and Others Decoration products.
Automotive parts :
■Shift Lever parts, Steering parts, Inside Door handle parts, Emblem / Center-markand 
■Center panel parts, Window Regulation Switch parts, Door Trim parts

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