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Manufacturing and sales of metal surface treatment agents

As a leading metal surface finishing products manufacturer

Dipsol is one of today's leading metal surface finishing products manufacturers known for its extensive R&Dr activities. We produce more than 1,000 advanced products for customers around the world. Our products lines are vary include Electroplating products, Degreasers, Cleaners, Rust preventatives, Anti-tarnish chemicals and a range of surface finishing solutions.

Continuing its focus on innovation, Our R&D team has developed Non-cyanide zinc plating brightener technology, the first commercial application of its kind in the world. The company has also developed and introduced commercially zinc nickel alloy plating processes.

We provide high performance corrosion protection and wear resistance that far exceeds conventional processes. The need for plating and surface finishing products is significant as metal parts and components are widely used across industry. We continue developing and introducing advanced plating and metal surface finishing chemistry's to meet today's industry needs.

On-site Support

With the cooperation of our customer, we strive to provide the best-suited products and solutions while considering our customer's situation and needs.

Meticulous Technical Support by Our Sales Engineers​

With the goal of maximizing customer satisfaction, our Japanese and Thai surface treatment experts perform visits regularly, providing technical advice, value analysis and proposals.

Global Network

As the hub of South-east Asia, we also provide services to neighboring countries around Thailand.

Other Branches


Main Products

Brighteners and Additives for Alkaline Zn Plating

Cr (III) Passivation for Zn Plating
Iridescent, Black etc.

Electroless Ni Plating
Pb-Free Ni-P Alloy Plating etc.


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Continuous research effort to provide even better products to our customers.

Analysis Equipment

    Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
    Atomic Absorption Spectrometre
    X Ray Fluorescence Thickness Metre
    Neutral Salt Spray

For details go to Analysis Equipment 

Latest Update 31 Jan 2023
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