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Yamato Gokin Co.Ltd.
Specialists in copper alloys, we will deliver it from Japan.

Yamatogokin is "Second to none" for special copper alloys

We are a company dedicated to special copper alloys. Also focusing on research and development as well as development of new materials, we strive each day to create metal materials that are better tomorrow than today.
We produce die cavities as well as beryllium copper (female) cavities for precision plastic dies through three different methods: precision casting, pressure casting, and electrocasting.

Fields Where Yamato Gokin's Technology is Utilized

Automobiles: electrode materials for welding, emblem dies
Aircrafts: landing gear bushes
Boats/Ships: propeller-installing bolts, marine sweeper bolts
Machinery: speed reducer, other types of machine parts
Steel: molding materials, flash butt electrodes
Heavy Electric Machinery: turbine bearing back metal, connectors, coil-fixing wedges for generators
Optical Fiber/Submarine Cables: relay amplifier, chassis parts
IT: sputtering targets, backing plates, disk grinding attachment parts

You can rely on us when it comes to special copper alloys!

Need any help regarding heat resistance, friction resistance, abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent conductivity/hardness, etc. Please feel free to consult us anytime.

Dedicated to special (copper alloy) materials

Ever since our company was founded, we have always been dedicated to alloys in order to become the number one company in the niche industry of special copper alloy materials.

Start-to-End production meets diversified demands

1.Developmental/Experimental purpose applicable
2.Rapid Delivery
3.High-mix Low-volume production
4.Thorough investigation for countermeasure if problems occur

Innovative R&D

Yamato R&D Div. , from time to time, works side-by-side with a client even from product development phase to accurately grasp the cutomers' needs.
Also continue to work on further Research and Development of new materials based on our flexible ideas.

Company Introduction Video


NC Alloys (Corson alloys)

NC alloys are materials that have newly been developed to replace beryllium copper. They are based on Corson alloys and do not contain beryllium.
Being strongly heat-resistant, they also possess excellent mechanical and physical properties.

Cost Reduction of Resin Molding

By utilizing NC alloys' excellent heat conductivity for resin-molding dies, advantage is created by shortening the die-molding cycle time. Although NC alloys are ten times more expensive than P-20 group steel, it becomes possible to cover the cost of materials when more than 50,000 shots are molded. Therefore, a significant advantage can be expected in the case of 100,000 shots.

Aircraft Bushing Material

In terms of the field of aircrafts, we have continued providing bush materials used for aircraft landing gears and actuators to domestic airline companies and equipment manufacturers over the years. Indeed, our materials contain aluminum bronze and beryllium copper with excellent strength and abrasion resistance. Therefore, we are considered a highly reliable company.
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