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Furutaka‐VIV (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Procurement Service of Electronic Compornents in Thailand

Global Electronic Parts Trading Company

One stop solution service

Endeavoring as a market leader of electronics trading business

Based on the full half-century of experience as an electronic trading company, we provide one-stop solution for users of electronic components worldwide through our global network

■ Extensive Network in Asian Continents.

■ Propose Local Purchase and Alternative Value Added Offering. Also contribute Delivery, Inventory Control and logistics to raise efficiency.

■ Provide a Variety of Highly Reliable Electronic Components at Reasonable Price.

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Product line

HK check terminal 
LC check terminal 
Surface mount jumper 
Through-hole tap

(Automatic insertion machines, surface mount) HK series check terminal

Check terminal (oscilloscope probe) LC series​

Surface mount jumper MJ / MJP series

Through-hole tap TH-1.6/TH-0.8 series

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Ultrasonic deburring / Cleaning​ system



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Screw terminal 
Screwless Terminal 
Fuse Holders​

Screw terminal blocks

Screwless Terminals

Fuse Holders

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Fluorescent display (VFD)​

Dot Matrix Type VFD

Dot Character Type VFD


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"Thermistor" is the generic name given to thermally sensitive resistors.
Negative temperature coefficient thermistor is generally called as thermistor. Thermistor is a semiconducting ceramic resistor produced by sintering the materials at high temperature and made mainly from metal oxide.

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​Current Sense Shunt

Current Sense Shunt

Anti Sulfuration Chip Resistors

KOA Product Line

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Switching power supply 
Power unit​

CHS Series

TU Series

PLA Series

FT Series

SPLFA Series



MG/MGF Series

LFA Series

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