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Design & Production & Construction of Casting Related Facilities

Design, production and construction of foundry-related equipment

NK Machinery Asia Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company that facilitates the casting. From installation, design, production, import and export of products with the cast in the Asian region such as Thailand , Indonesia and Vietnam. Until the sale of auxiliary materials in the casting. Service after the sale of the goods in question. Maintenance and repair of such goods. There is also committed to improving the casting industry to contribute to the development of international Including the expansion of the engineers and the. Casting plant.


Local Manufacture

We are aware of the needs of customers and products. By production domestic Thailand and Indonesia to reduce the cost of imported goods.


Maintenance, repair items after they are delivered successfully handle the most weight and are carried along with the plant to meet the needs of our customers.


The expansion of business with a view of the entire Asian region such as Indonesia, not just only in Thailand

►Casting equipment

●Have frame, no border molding machine, molding lines
core making machine
furan self-hardening equipment
alkaline phenolic casting
sand handling equipment raw type
●kneading machine
●automatic pouring machine
Sand cooling system recovery
mold drying ovens   etc.

►Dissolution equipment

Low-frequency high-frequency induction furnace
●copper and aluminum melting furnace
​●material inputs and equipment

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►Industrial machinery

●shot blasting equipment
●dust collectors
●grinders  etc.

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►Factory equipment

Plant construction
●Utility support work ●Installation work ●MDB/SDB Compresser Water system 
Gas facility Truck scale Cooling Tower
●Generator  etc.

►Transport equipment

Vibrating conveyer ●shake-out machine
●oscillating conveyors ●belt conveyors
●apron conveyors  etc.

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​​►Equipment Sale

Molding machine
●Automatic pouring machine
●Sand cooling system

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