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We provide extrusion (both soft / hard) and injection parts accredited by international standard.

   Extrusion Products​ 

We provide extrusion products such like automotive parts, electrical appliance parts, building material made by various kind of plastic material ac-cording to customer’s requirement.

Application : Reinforcement of window frame and panels, Door frame for refrigerator, LED lump cover, Tubes, Hoses

Material :​ PVC (S, H), ABS, ASA, PC, PS, PE, PMMA, Elastomer

Production Facility

  Single Screw : 21 Units

  Screw Size : 25 ~ 75 mm.






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Electrical Appliance Parts

Automotive Parts

Building Material

Seat Trim
(PP+Non-woven Cloth)

PVC Tube

PE / Vinyl Tie


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