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Sales, repair of ORION's chiller, air dryer, vacuum pump and dehumidification dryer

ORION's Air Dryer ​​CRX Clearance Sale!

Dear valued customers,

Thank you very much for your continued support to us. We would like to announce we launch new clearance sale for CRX. We offer you special rate for purchase of CRX before 30th June 2014 with special benefits. We are looking forward to your inquiry. (27/MAR/2014)

Point ①・・・Bargain price!

 ► Cheaper price compared with ARX of the same capacity & performance. (in stock: CRX-10D, CRX-75D, CRX-100D/J, CRX110D, CRX-120D, CRX-90HD, CRX-100HD)

Please ask us price

Point ②・・・Worry-free "Warranty & Service"!!

 ► Specially extended warranty period of 2 years.​

 ► FOC 2 years checking service (every 6 months. 4 times in total)​

Point ​③・・・Free installation!

 ​ Inclusive of installation fee.
​(※only for CRX100D~120D & 90HD. ※additional cost may occur for installation under special environment and for materials such as pipe which are used for installation.)​

Point ​④・・・Bulk purchase of 5 units & up get more discount!

 ​ Any combination of 5 units & up can get 3% more discount from total amount.

※In case of sold-out, this sale may finish earlier than announced period. Don’t miss this chance!
※This special rate above can be applied only to goods in stock and not for ordered goods.
​※For CRX models in stock, we will not have the same model of ARX until stock is cleared.
** Company has the right to change this promotion without prior notice.


​​ORION's  ​​Dehumidifier
for RENT!

Dear valued customers,

Thank you very much for your continued support to us. We would like to announce we launched new rental plan for dehumidifier. We are looking forward to your inquiry. (24/OCT/2013)


Tell us period of rent and place to use
Show your ID & name card. And settle the advanced payment by cash.
Item can be received at our company.
The rental period start from the day item is moved from our company and
end after the item is returned to us.
Return the item to us at our company. (at customer’s own cost)

***the rental fee is calculated on daily basis.
***in case item is damaged by wrong use by customer, customer is subject to cost of repairing.

Convenient for following use!

Concrete and wood architecture, tile, dyed goods, ceramic, painting furniture
Metal and resin material, canned food, machines, clothes, fruit, corrugated carton
Album, paintedplywood, cosmetics, wrapping seasoning, mushrooms, food factory, egg washers
Manage humidity of 3D measurement room, die machining factory, computer room, pump room of water works bureau, stable operation of copting machine

Specification RFB500F

Dehumidifying capacity 
Allowable temperature range 
Electric characteristics 
Electric current 
Power consumption 
Power capacity 
Air capacity 
External Dimension ( Height x Depth x Width ) 
Product Mass 
1 - 40 °C
Power Source:  Single phase 100V±10% 50/60 Hz
(50Hz) 6.1A
( 50Hz ) 0.54kW



ORION's Air Filters, Prompt Delivery!
With special discount of 10%! (1 year warranty)

Dear valued customers,

Thank you very much for your continued support to us. We would like to announce we offer you special rate for purchase of ORION Filters & Elements before the 30th, June 2014. We are looking forward to your inquiry. (27/MAR/2014)

Element of the following series in this blue table needs to be replaced in a year.
(or, by checking differential pressure).

Increasing pressure loss by filter clogging up can cause breakdown of air-dryer.
​We can offer prompt delivery of all elements !

► Super Drain Filter/DSF series

  ► Model:DSF75AL~2000AL、Air processing capacity:0.35~20.0㎥/m 
  ► Remove water, oil and impurities from compressed air (can remove more than 5 micron meter)

► Super Line Filter/LSF series 

  ► Model:LSF75AL~2000AL、Air processing capacity:0.35~20.0㎥/m 
  ► Remove impurities (can remove more than 1 micron meter)

► Super Mist Filter/MSF series 

  ► Model:MSF75AL~2000AL、Air procession capacity:0.35~20.0㎥/m 
  ► Remove oil mist(can remove more than 0.01 micron meter)

► Super ACF Filter/KSF series 

  ► Model:KSF150AL~2000AL、Air processing capacity:1.2~20.0㎥/m 
  ► Adsorption treatment of vapored oil (odor)

► Auto Drain Trap/AD-5&Maintenance kit is now in Stock!(※we offer this for regular price only)

  ► Drain water and oil automatically
  ► Inner parts of sealing, washer and o-ring are expendable supplies. We sell maintenance kit (including 8 parts, THB2800+)

※Our company has the right to change this promotion without prior notice.

​​​Orion's new line of Air Dryer series,
ARX Heavy Duty series is now
launched in Thailand !


You can now make your booing of Orion's new air dryer series, ARX Heavy Duty series.
New series is made in Ayutthaya, Thaiiland and we can deliver the product to customer in Thailand much faster than previous series of CRX (made in China).
This machine with heavy duty specification can keep best performance under the heavy condition.

About the price, please ask us.

Click to see the catalogue↓



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