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Toyo Tanso (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mainly processing and sales of Isotropic graphite, Mechanical carbon and Carbon brush

Our ultimate vision for the future of carbon

  Toyo Tanso is dedicated to unlocking the unlimited future potential held by carbon, and continues to pursue its goal of producing materials of ideal quality.

  In 1974 we became the first company in Japan to develop isotropic graphite, significantly expanding the possibilities of carbon use. Our products are now widely used in a variety of cutting edge technology fields, including the semi-conductor and aerospace industries. We base our values on our results and reliability as a pioneering manufacturer, and aim to be a global company that makes a valuable contribution to society.


End products and Workpieces

Semi-conductor, Metallurgical, Mechanical, Electrical, Specialized applications and more.

Basic research to support product development

Our unique, wide-ranging product lineup is supported by a complete basic research system.

High precision electrode material for electrospark machining: TTK-5


C/C composite product

Latest Update 26 Nov 2019
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