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Manufacture and sale of Press oil, Cleaner / Rust inhibitor, Solvent, Washing machine, Washing systems and other equipment.

We offer safe and environmentally friendly products that meet customer needs.

We will provide unique and functional products to various industries, such as machining oils, surface treatment chemicals, hydrocarbon-based ultrasonic solvents, and water-based non-polluting cleaning systems in various metal plastic workings.


─ Achievement delivery to various industries ─


Industrial Machinery



Medical Equipment

Home Appliances



Washing Systems >

We propose the best washing system for various cleaning purposes from customers.


Solvents >

It is a proprietary high-performance solvents that takes into account the environment and recycling rate.
①Neutral solvents  ②Alkaline solvents
③Hydrocarbon solvents




Press Oil >

We have abundant delivery records in the light electric, automotive and various metal products industries.


Rust Inhibitor >

AQUA UNRUSTER Rseries / Cseries
Environment-conscious rust inhibitor




R&D Center

We can try out and analyze press oils, cleaning agents and washing systems.

We provide the best solution to customers by trying out and analyzing.



Latest Update 22 Mar 2021
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