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Manufacturing Special Tools / Machine Sale / Support for Robotic and IoT introduction


Demand of cutting tool, machine tool, for gear cutting tools, has advanced further consideration for the environment and reduce costs also added of course variety of of products. Oue company produce a special tool, reasonable price and hi-quality one on you to ask your needs.



 NEW!!    PCD Cutting Tools

Polycrystalline Diamonds (PCD) is a Synthetic diamond product have uniform hardness and high abrasion resistance as compared to tungsten carbide or ceramic tools. In certain applications, they offer 50 to 100 times life at just 10 to 15 times more price than carbide tools. They are recommended for machining non ferrous metals and Abrasive non-metallics like:-

• Aluminum and Aluminum alloys • Copper, Brass and Bronze alloys • Zinc and Magnesium alloys
• Gold and Silver • Tungsten carbide pre-sintered and sintered • Plastic and Rubber
• Epoxy resins • Fiber glass composites • Carbon and Graphite
• Ceramic unfired • Chipboard and fiber board  

We manufacture PCD Tools with advanced processing machine and control the product quality from the very beginning which keep PCD tools with high accuracy and good quality with consistency. We use high quality machine EWAG Brand Model: Laser Line Precision. The EWAG Laser Touch Machining® process can produce even extremely complex geometries at excellent surface finish qualities. The LASER LINE PRECISION is a compact laser production center for diamond tools.

PCD Turn boring bars for internal

Standard PCD insert

PCD milling reamer

PCD Step Reamer

PCD slot milling cutter

PCD ball nose milling cutter

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Milling / Drilling / Turning / Regrinding

End Mill

Ball Nose End Mill

Flat End Mill

Form End Mill

Form Chamfer

T-Slot Cutter

Radius End Mill

Rough End Mill

Rotary Cutter

Form Cutter

Taper Ballnose Endmill


Step Burnishing Drill

Center Drill



Flat Drill

Haft Drill

Special Drill

Step Drill Ream

Taper Drill

Step Drill


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Special Bite

PCD Insert

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We are pleasure to standard regrinding serve

“Auger carbide and HSS regrinding serve for the customer have been used cutting tools and never or have a problem about the regrinding quality such as auger, end mill, carbide, rough mill, regrinding, Hob Cutter and all of cutting tools that cheapness and we are will certain in the serve to will help can solve a problem your”

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