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Design, Manufacture, Regrinding of Various Tools and Machine Sale

『 Machine Tool Solutions 』

S.Y.Y (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. is a local manufacturer of special tools and will be aiming at Robotic and IoT introduction. Making the most of an adequate overseas experience and network, we maintain to provide customer-oriented solution for the sake of customers’ benefits.


 Manufacture of various tools

Demand of cutting tool, machine tool, for gear cutting tools, has advanced further consideration for the environment and reduce costs also added of course variety of of products.

Our company produce a special tool, reasonable price and hi-quality one on you to ask your needs.

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5-axis processing clamp system

~Indispensable system that fully utilizes 5-axis processor.~
This 3R clamp system offers chucks located and
fixed on a machinery index table with just a single touch of a button.

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 S.Y.Y (THAILAND) with Mastercam

Our Japanese expert is happy to provide technical support and operational acceptance testing (OAT) from Software, 5-Axis machining, Jig-Fixture and any other machines.



Latest Update 22 Aug 2019
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