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We provide anodize, hard anodize, Kashima-Coats, black anodize, oxalic anodize.

We provide anodize, hard anodize, Kashima-Coats, black anodize, oxalic anodize.

​​Our factory was estrablished and has professionally executed anodize business in Thailand since November 2013.
We are expert in anidize of material hardness qualified for using in 4 wheels (car), and thickness can be over 400HV (vickers.)
We are also expert in anodize of die casting  aluminium (ADC12), by reinforcing the corrosion resistance.

Our signature product called Kashima-Coats, is aluminium surface lubricating process. Miyaki is the one who research and develop by focus on great abrasion resistance property.
We practically supply to 4 wheels, 2 wheels vehicle and motorbike manufacturers.
Our branch in Thailand is able to provide Kashima-Coats with hard anodize. We have branch in Thailand and Japan for global provision.

Introduced our company background.

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Miyaki (Thailand) Anodize

Guarantee of Quality

Our all production lines are automatic managed by barcode system. Either beginners or professors, only read barcode and press the button, the quality of anodizing is also extremely applied. No matter how many times the employees are changed, anodizing quality is still same.


Anodizing data is recorded in computer, just one click and either old or new data will be appeared. Data indicate the condition and period of anodizing process. Data is recorded until the product is canceled.

Delivery on time

We are expert on anodize, and have a measure in case capacity expansion is needed. With our large production line and capacity, no delay of delivery is allowed. Even the urgent case, we can flexibly plan to support.

Example of Kashima-Coats

(From the left image) Oil Pump ・ Rocker Arm ・ Scroll ・ Suspension ・ Valve Spool

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■ Anodize

Standard aluminium (such as A6061,A5052) with the corrosion resistance property may be worth utilization. But there may be easily corrosion on die casting aluminium (such as ADC12) without anodize. The main purpose of anodize is for corrosion resistance reinforcing.

■ Hard Anodize

It's a process of membrane hardened over common anodize. Some functional parts have abrasive surface when corrosion applied. And hard anodize will be a key here. 350Hv is also called hard anodizing level, and Miyaki can provide more than 400Hv, where the greatly corrosion resistance can be.

■ Kashima-Coats

Lubricating molybdenum disulfide deposited into the porous cell of aluminium. Lubricating molybdenum lubricate and harden the porous cell of aluminium. Lubrication property control the coefficient of friction. In case the corrosion resistance by hard anodize is not enough, Kashima-Coats will be a key. Mostly used in abrasive parts, decrease the damage from corrosion.

► 『Kashima-Coat  

■ Black Anodize

Applying the pigment on anodizing film for coloring. Aluminium has heat conduction property. Mostly, parts required this kind of anodize are such as Heat Sink, etc. Black anodize make high heat extraction on aluminium surface. Currently, parts are designed to be smaller, and make a disruption of heat extracted property of aluminium surface. Black anodize is able to abate this disruption.

■ Oxalic anodize

Anodize utilized the electrolytic Oxalic Acid. The success of anodize by electrolyte utilization is generated film roughness controllability, for products required film roughness management. In case of the definitely uncontrollable film, Oxalic anodize will be the key. Oxalic anodize make the high heat resistance, crack avoidable, thus make the better corrosion resistance than Sulfuric anodize.


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