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We provide anodize, hard anodize, Kashima-Coats, black anodize, oxalic anodize.

Utility Case

Kahima-Coat make a new possibilities in various fields.

As innovation in hydraulic machine, it lighten weigh of automotive parts such as valve spool. Hence the iron quenching is progressively replaced by aluminium anodizing. We mostly apply anodized on parts such as valve spool, so the quality of products is developed steadily.

We keep researching for modern technology to perfectly qualify the suspension of two wheels vehicles with stability, durabiliy, lightness and ornamentation. Currently, high quaility aluminium tubes processed by Kahsima-Coat which are component of parts mentioned above, noteworthy as a modern meterial.Lubrication attribute of Kashima-Coat reduce friction and vibration force, with the stability, durability in gorgeous look.

During reserach of toxic gases emission, piston get friction under high temperature while the engine keep emitting combustion gases. And this lubrication attribute get proofed that it qualify materials such as piston ring, pin's hole, etc., to be properly used under high temperature.​

We continue developing the light material for efficiency engine parts, especially moving parts, under the strictly requirement of durability and reliability. One of the obvious example is Rocker Arm, after change the material from iron to be Lubricant Kashima-Coating aluminium, use of bearing is unnecessary, make the material lightened, and cost saving.


  ・Preventing damage from adhesion of ring hole or friction
  ・Resisting abrasion near pin's hole due to the smooth friction



  ・Abrasion resistance of spline and flange


  ・Abrasion resistance and preventing roughness on frictional surface


Rocker Arm

  ・Lightening due to replacing iron with aluminium
  ・Abrasion resistance near the frictional surface


Valve Spool, Solenoid

  ・Counteraction of fretting from friction
  ・Smoothening the frictional surface


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