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We provide anodize, hard anodize, Kashima-Coats, black anodize, oxalic anodize.

Process Chart of Anodize Treatment


Traceabiliy is available by barcode system. Good quality is provided without relying on employees skill.​


Anodize, Hard Anodize and Kashima-Coat Line

Oxalic Anodize Line


Black Anodize Line

Testing Line

Dyeing need sway, it's hard to be managed with automatic system. So manual system is better choice.
In case of trial or less volume of products, there must be the various condition of anodize, so the manual system is better.


RO Machine (Reverse Osmosis Equipment)

The water in Thailand industrial area is not proper for anodize process, RO Machine is needed for purifying the water.

Drainage Equipment

For neutralising the water by clean off any substance such as Sulfuric or Oxalic, the drainage is needed. For support the plan of factory expanded, advance preparation of proper drainage equipment is needed.


Automatic Drying Machine

For evaporating of water slick on products surface.

LPG Gas Equipment



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