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We provide anodize, hard anodize, Kashima-Coats, black anodize, oxalic anodize.

Kashima Coat -  is so great !

 Key factor of Anodization 

When aiming to achieve light weight, we consider substituting an iron and/or stainless steel material with aluminum. However, the hardness of aluminum is naturally lower than that of the heavier materials, so that the anodization process combined is important.

The reason for Kashima Coat to be able to offer not only hardness,
but also
​ tremendous durability ・・・
The secret is​ the lubricity so powerful through the molybdenum effect.​

Kashima Coat's greatest feature is the powerful lubricity!

The lubricity prevents the galling due to the friction between the metals!

The result is the tremendous durability and long lasting coating effect!

Reciprocating sliding durability test

The rigorous durability test is implemented to meet the stringent criteria demanded by the users developing lighter weight products. As the result, Kashima Coat is proven to have tremendous durability compared to any other existing products.

 ►►► Test status 

 ►►► Testing contents

Testing machine: Surface testing machine HEIDON FW14 made by SHINTO Scientific Co., Ltd.

Test piece:

ADC12 Standard plate (made by Nippon Test panel Co., Ltd: 70×200×2mm), the surface of which is polished with a water-resistant sand paper, adjusting it to Rz1.0 or less.

Mating material:

S45C (carburized and quenched) component used as a product is attached to the test piece unevenly at the angle of 1 - 3 degrees.

Speed: 1200mm/min Stroke: 3mm

Reciprocations: 100,000 times、400,000 times
Load: 500g



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