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Kyowa Optical Co.,Ltd.
Design, processing, assembly and supply of precision parts.



Design using 3D CAD

【Assembly drawing design in Japan】 【Disassemble and set up in Thailand】

1. Determination of appropriate best processing methods.
Japan and Thailand have introduced the same CAD, so decide on the processing method while cooperating and discussing.

2. Fast setup

Changed part drawings sent in 3D to 2D. Check the dimensions and start setup immediately.



Solve difficult machining
  ​・We share programs, setups, jigs, machining, and measuring methods by using the same model.
  ・Fast feedback with data sharing.

Machining Center

CNC Lathe

CNC Automatic Lathe

Machine Name Quantity
Machining Center 15
CNC Automatic Lathe 4
CNC Lathe 15



Providing stable quality
  ・Stable inspection with 3D measuring device and shape measuring device.
  ・Incorporate measuring instruments that match the product.

We can handle all measuring instruments, so please let us know if you have any necessary measuring instruments.


3D measuring device

Shape measuring device



Precision assembly technology

  ・80 years of assembly technology

  ・Precise assembly is possible if it is small.


ISO Certification


(Plans to acquire ISO14001:2015.)




Latest Update 05 May 2022
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