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Kyowa Optical Co.,Ltd.
Design, processing, assembly and supply of precision parts.


Digital Microscope




► ズーム倍率変換タイプ (CZ-ST)


► Techno-Lux4 (KTH-2)




Industrial Optic System


Zoom Stereomicroscope

​Two-step Variable Power Stereomicroscope

► SSZ series

Knockout price for a zoom stereomicroscope is achieved.

► KSZ series

It is the ultimate stereomicroscope in “the visibility” and the ease of use. Ideal for assembly in the field of precision industry, inspection and measurement micro part.

► KS series

A full line up being able to be chosen according to your purpose is available. Meet the needs of wide needs from industrial inspection line to fields of education.



Optical Component & Lens


Industrial Optics System - Compact microscope with devices -

► Techno-Lux KTL-N series

Small, lightweight, Compact microscope for production lines.

► Infinity-corrected objective lens optical system

Same focal distance 95mm, 45mm.
(for f = 200)

► KTL-N cradle unit

Achieve a compact design and excellent resistance.

Auto zoom - Auto Macro zoom ultra-wide viewing -

► AZM-DS-1 / AZM-DS-2 / AZM-DS-6


► EMZ-D1、D2、D3

Meet the needs of semiconductor manufacturing, automation of FA machine.
Macro zoom ultra-wide field of view equipped with auto zooming mechanism.

Zoom Lens for Industrial

Covering a very wide range of micro-macro up as an inspection microscope for such as IC wafer and a liquid crystal pattern, we provide the optimal magnification observation image corresponding to the sample.

► EMZ-C、C2、C3

Macro zoom ultra-wide viewing microscope is an optical device that can compensate for the ultra-wide viewing using by television cameras with coaxial epi-illumination.

► IMZ series

Ideal for users who do not need a coaxial epi-illumination. Excellent cost performance. It is multi-purpose zoom microscope which works best in all industrial fields.


It is a manual zoom lens that aims to be used in low magnification. Working distance is long as 220mm and this microscope is ideal for industry of FA. (For coaxial epi-illumination)

► TVZ series

This is a zoom lens providing specifications for compact and lightweight C mount, and optimal for various measurements and inspections that requires a long working distance and low magnification.

► STV series

This covers the macro range as an inspection microscope such as IC wafer and liquid crystal pattern that require coaxial epi-illumination, and provides images in the potimal magnification corresponding to the sample.

► Digital Microscope

It is a zoom lens with excellent cost performance optimized as a manual zoom lens. Excellent workability at 98 mm working distance.Easy to observe in high-resolution camera. Pole stand, XY stage, LED ring illumination and USB2.0 digital camera are also available as options.


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