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Production and sales of metal injection molding (MIM) parts

Metal injection moulding, MIM

We accept trial to mass production of precise complicated designed product using our μ-MIM® technology

This planetary helical gear, which is on the fingertip, is 2.5 mm height and diameter. And the internal helical gear, containing the 4 gears of 2.5 mm helical gear, the internal diameter is less than 10 mm. This internal helical gear has the lit at the bottom side, thus it is impossible to compose by machining. 
We are capable to mass produce those gears a few million pieces per month, while the machining is 30,000 to 50,000 pieces per month.
Surely, we accept not only these special gears production but also the complicated designed small metal component mass production using our μ-MIM® technology.

Please contact us if you are struggling to realise mass production your product, to reduce processing cost, or if you are not satisfied present MIM production. ​⇒More details

 Conversion of method of stainless steel to MIM

It is continuously expanding the demand for stainless steel due to its excellent corrosion resistance and functionality in many industries. Stainless steel is roughly divided into 4 groups, which are austenitic type, ferritic type, martensitic type and precipitation hardening type. It is said that there are more than 100 of stainless steel varieties. It is important to select the appropriate stainless steel material for each product. In this newsletter we will introduce representative stainless steel types that we have applied to our mass production.

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►High precision and
high quality tolerance

The requirement of micron size MIM components is increased rapidly. We are capable of controlling the tolerance of ±0.1%, shape stability and total inspection.

►Few dozen components
to mass production

MIM has high degree of freedom in shapes and materials thus we would be willing to accept orders from small trial lot to mass production. Please do not hesitate to consult us concerning your component production.

►Improving the cost

Our MIM technology gives integral moulding of complicated shape, free-form surface moulding, and composite materials moulding which would offer you several profits including decreasing processing time and number of processes.

 Micro Metal Injection Molding Technical  Newsletter Vol.24 

The latest trend of quality management of metal powder

We have deployed a high-resolution X-ray CT scan for quality management. There is a new trend to apply X-ray CT for metal powder quality inspection. In this issue, we will introduce the latest powder analysis technology of metal powder by X-ray CT scan.

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Medical; endoscope, inspection machine, implant        
Precision machine; camera, mobile phone, wristwatch        
Machining centre; gears, industrial tool, gas turbine, bearing 
Automotive; filter, actuator
Electronic; OA machine, peltier (thermoelectric) device


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We will configure our manufacturing line according to your request from wide variety in small quantities to mass production.

We deliver the products with our rigorous quality control standard.

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