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Entrust us designs and manufactures for sandblast machine!

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 Development and prototyping 

The machine can be used for required period when development or prototyping of new products is desired but future production volume is still unknown at the moment.

 Temporary requirement 

Quick countermeasures for sudden occasions such as machine failure, etc. or temporary production ramp-up of seasonal products.

 Production cost study 

Temporary use for production cost study.

 Cost reduction 

In case monthly expenses processing is desired instead of property purchasing.

Bridging use until machine purchase

Use for bridging production until completion and delivery of purchased machine, in consideration of design and production lead time.

 Budgeting purpose 

Budgeting study for blast machine installation.


Processing Samples    [ Blasting before  after ] 


Pneuma blaster provides easy operation using nozzle. It enables to apply processing of any shapes ranging from precision parts to mold dies. We can also propose automatic operation depending on the workpiece and processing purpose.

 Polishing of 3D printed articles

Only miniature stacking steps are removed maintaining the natural shapes. Processing time can be significantly shorter than manual polishing and polishing can be achieved even in narrow spaces that are hard to reach by hands. As the processing is done by shot stream from the blast gun, good polish result can be achieved even by novices.

(Width : 120mm Height : 80mm)

 Polishing of 3D printed articles

Need for polishing of 3D printed article is rapidly increasing. This process is acquiring excellent reputation as good alternative to hand polishing. Anybody can easily achieve removal, polishing and smoothing of miniature stacking steps in a short time.

(Diameter  : 40mm Height : 30mm)

 Polishing of plastic mold dies

Sirius processing is an easy solution to polish miniature patterning such as emboss textured mold dies. Polishing the mold dies that have asperities on the surface may provide glare on the molded articles.


 Removal of rainbow color fringe pattern of optical molds

The mold surface is an array of an infinite number of pyramids of □3mm×h0.5mm. Lapping or buffing cannot polish the surface maintaining the necessary pyramid shapes and it may take several days if hand polishing is selected. SiriusZ processing may complete within several hours. The processing may also removes rainbow color fringe patterns, without spoiling edges, that are always disturbing on optical molds.

 Polishing of cutting tool tips

There are miniature asperities (droplets) like sputtering on the coated throw-away tips when they are observed with 300x magnification. The sizes are around 2 to 5 microns. These droplets contribute to the short service life of the tool. Sirius processing removes droplets and smooths the surface to extend the tool service life.

(300x magnified tool tip)

 Polishing of Φ0.3 drill bit tip

Miniature burrs are observed when the drill bit tip is 200x magnified. SiriusZ processing removes miniature burrs, prevents chipping and improved surface roughness of the processed work. And, polished flutes provide improved discharge of cutting chips as well as extended service life.

(Tip, 200x magnified)

 Tool mark removal and polishing of aluminum material

The sample shows original machined surface with Ra4.0 is polished to Ra0.06 by multi-stage processing. The sample goes under 3 stages of rough, intermediate and final polishing as in the conventional polishing process.
Both cases are available, all processes are done by blasting, i.e. 3 blast machines, or any specific stages are required to save labor. Please ask us.

Not processed
(Ra  4.246μm)
  Roughly polished
(Ra 1.061μm)
  Intermediate polished
(Ra 0.128μm)
  Final polished
(Ra 0.061μm)

 Polishing of rolled ball screws

Sirius processing can provide polishing even on sophisticated shaped materials such as rolled ball screws. It is used for final trimming of surface roughness as well as improving of slideability.

Diameter 20mm
Length 200mm

 Cross hole burr removal

Deburring of cross hole area requires hard work, and we are frequently asked for solutions. Blast processing can remove various burrs that are generated during machining as abrasive media would be on blast stream and go inside to the subject area.

Diameter 11mm

 Deburring of plastics (PEEK)

Use of engineering plastics is increasing in volume these days. Miniature burrs generating on small holes such as Φ1mm holes shown in the picture are also increasing in number. We received reports from our customers of their improved productivity using Fuji's state-of-the-art deburring technologies to remove such burrs that could not be removed by hand working, that could not be completely remove by conventional blasting or that were given up to remove due to damage on the product materials.

Diameter 20mm

 Cleaning of screws

Resin transport screws of injection mold machines require cleaning of attached resin when resin material is to be replaced such as color should be changed. Cleaning is completed by blasting in short working time. Easy cleaning operation is available regardless who is the operator, even for sophisticated shapes without change-over.


Diameter 20mm
Length 900mm

 Polishing after EDM       

Polished samples of big half spheres and small half spheres of cemented carbide. The left of both are unpolished and the right are polished. Rough surface after EDM can be polished as in the picture by SiriusZ.


 Polishing of cross recessed punches

Polishing of punches used for forge processing. As they are very small and difficult to polish by hand work and require much man-hour. Sirius processing can be applied easily to improve surface roughness and extend service life of the punches. The glare is the key to longer service life.

 Bore polishing of Φ3 holes

The picture shows a cemented carbide cylinder with bore ID of 3mm. In order to see the result inside, it is partly half cut away. It shows the inner surface is evenly polished due to the media going through the Φ3 hole.


 Peeling of alumite membrane of camera parts

Blasting can be applied to remove super thin membrane such as alumite. More precise peeling with less damage is available as well as general blasting that removes surface layer.


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For safe use

We will provide technical support. Please contact us for any queries about blasting.

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  ● Free rental period is 15 days. For extension of rental period, it may be subject to regular rental contract.

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