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AGV Promotion

※In the photo, AGV is equipped with the optional parts.

Carry Bee KAI type is an unmanned carrier developed with our own long cultivated know-how in the automobile production as a group company of Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd. with over 100-year history. It can rationalize manufacturing processes in various scenes such as conveyance between processes, parts supply to production lines and cellular manufacturing lines(assembly on AGV).

In order to improve the logistics,the AGV with new concept named KAI is created.


  AGV showroom open now !!! 

We now have a AGV showroom at Tateyama (Thailand ) Co., Ltd. (Suan Luang District/ Bangkok)

For the customer or who considering the AGV, Please visit to the showroom and test out our quality machines.

Please come to touching the Carry Bee of real machine by yourself.

For the visitor who interesting in AGV, please contact us.
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High performance,
but with low price


Touch panel with


KAI is the simple tool for
the implement of improving the transportation


 KAI can be used in the following fields for transporting the parts or goods.

・Automobile and Automobile part plant

・Household electric appliances plant and food industry

・Logistics warehouse etc.


 The example of towing type

Towing by electric pin hook

Towing by the manual hook



Main body type
(Two types are available)
① Standard type / ② Electric pin hook type
Overall Size 1280(L)×350(W)×270(H) (mm)
Transportable Weight 500 [kg] Power Supply Voltage Rated voltage 24 [V]
(Max. at high speed)
33 [kgf] Drive Unit Up/Down Manual operation/
OP: Electric drive unit up / down
Drive System Forward Abnormal Display Message is shown in the touch panel (deviation, emergency stop, voltage reduction)
Guidance Method Magnetic / OP: Optical
Minimum Turning Radius R600 [mm] Drive Wheel φ125 gum
Climbing ability 1 [ °] Continuous Operation Time 8Hr (depends on the operation condition)
Stopping Accuracy
​(AGV only, unloaded)
±30[mm] /
OP: ±20[mm]( with motor brake)
Battery setting space For 35Ah /
OP: for 50Ah
Running Speed Max. 40m/min, 8 speeds variable Operation Switch Power supply button, emergency stop button, Touch panel
(Start, stop, reset, abnormal indicator, etc.)
Address reading method Programmable (Count up) /
OP: Absolute address / Tires (RFID)
Running program capacity 200 programs, 200 steps Warning sound while running Buzzer


 Option & Supplementary equipment

Set Option Safety
option 1
① Obstacle sensor-PX & bumper switch
② Obstacle sensor-PBS & bumper switch
Operation Switch Select type switch Button: Select type switch power on/off, start, stop, reset, drive unit up/down (OP)
Indicator: Power, abnormal Other buttons and indicators are installed in the touch panel.
option 2
Signal tower(φ16 dome type)
& melody unit (three sounds)
type set
Urethane drive wheel & Urethane caster wheel Key type switch Button: Key type switch, start, stop, reset, drive unit up/down (OP)
Indicator: Power, abnormal Other buttons and indicators are installed in the touch panel.
Towing hook Electric pin hook / Manual hook
Other options Automatic battery charger, battery tray, guide roller, front brush (removing obstacles on the floor), Tentacle switch, dolly bumper sensor (detecting on/off of bumper equipped on dolly) Sensor (built in AGV body in order to detect the position differential while dolly bumper sensor is activated.), optical communication , remote controller, centralized control system

※1: The option is compulsory. Please choose one set.                       Notice: Not applicable for CE/ANS


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