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ARIORES removes scales and silica, rust (red water) in pipes.

​What is ARIORES?

Ariores is a product born of more than 40 years painstaking research and testing. It prevents and removes scales and silica, rust (red water) in pipes. It also maintains and extends the life of pipes for supply and drain water, water heating and cooling as well as related equipment. This makes maintenance and management easier, more efficient and cost effective.

Ariores employs a unique method of installing a field generation section and a magnetic generation section outside the pipe, which eliminates the use of drugs, chemicals, etc. This system is in accordance with the PRTR Method and Safe After Entering Insurance Requirements under PL Law (manufacturer liability).

This is the only patented product that is safe for the environment, limits the generation of germs and bacteria and resolves “synergy effects”.


Strength from electromagnetic attraction


Install Ariores outside a pipe, and it will cause changes in the composition of scales, weaken chemical attraction and condensation, mutate its form from a needle shaped crystal (aragonite) to a hexagonal crystal (calcite), prevent their attachment to pipe walls, dissolve and peel already affixed scales and also prevent them from eroding metal surfaces. Moreover,

through the electromagnetic effects that occur when water (in a conductive flowing state) passes an electromagnetic field, scales will electrolyze and soften via the electromotive force that generates electricity.


With the passage of time, formations including Fe2O3, CaCO3 (calcium carbonate), MgCO3 (magnesium carbonate), and SiO2 (silica) affix or fasten themselves inside pipes and cause the lowering of flow quantity and blockage in pipes.

Principle of the ARIORES

Install magnets N and S on the outside of the pipes and an electric current will flow through the pipe based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.

Lorenz force (F=qVB) generated by further energizing with a weak electric current softens and dissolves scales affixed to pipes peels off scales, and the affixed scales are removed with electromagnetic induction in the direction that they are broken up peels off and removes. It is also effective in the preventing scales from affixing.

Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction

At the same time affixed scales gradually peel off of pipe walls via Lorenz forces' (F=qBV) that are generated by electromagnetic induction, it prevents metal surfaces such as pipes and cans from generating red water and limits corrosion by changing red rust to black rust (magnetite) through a reductive reaction (Fe2O3 > Fe3O4)


Latest Update 13 Mar 2019
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