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Technoplast (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Build to order & Orders customized to any size, shape and quantity

Build to order & Orders customized to any size, shape and quantity

Technoplast was established, as a business enterprise, 48 years ago. Techniques, for the cutting and processing of plastics, have envolved through time, innovation and expertise. A satellite factory was constructed, in Thailand, in July of 2014. The objective, which has been achieved, was to bring the highest quality techniques from Japan while blending the hearfelt commitment to excellence from our expertly trained staff.



Transfer tray & Pallet Clamp for Robot arm Visual inspection

It is used for facilities part and the jig of the car production line, a conveyance tray, an inspection jig.



Many plastic parts are used for a liquid crystal line production device part a semiconductor.

Industrial Machinery

Transport screw Stirring Guide

Including various machine parts such as a food machine, a machine tool, an exclusive plane, the jigs of the machine assembling line have the experience results.


Original Product

The experience results such as three-dimensional model for a prototype and shape evaluations before the molding are abundant.


Free cut TPR THR


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