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Please leave cationic electrodeposition・powder・solvent painting to welding, assembly!


What is cation electroposition coating

It maintains excellent film thickness strength, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance.
Moreover, by using powdery paint, we do not use organic solvent at all, so we realize low pollution, resource saving, labor saving.
​If the powder coated product flows directly to the baking process and it is completed, packing and transporting becomes possible immdiately.

Cation electrodeposition coating line
+powder coating(top coat line)

In order to realize high quality paint quality, paint is applied electrically, a uniform coating film thickness which does not come off to the edge part of the metal is kept, and rust prevention effect is enhanced.


Integrated production from painting to aeembly.
We will respond to various orders with high quality and fast delivery.

We are good at small varieties and varieties

Painting is also available from a single item.
We will respond to diversified needs.
Please contact us first.

─ Our Business ─

Painting business

Equipped with large electrodeposition painting equipment, it also supports powder painting and solvent painting and various high quality painting requests.

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Welding, assembly work

Construct a consistent line from exterior parts to cabs. It is also advanced system to respond quickly to prototype manufacturing.

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