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- Make dreams come true - Sankyo cam technology - DREAMS CAM TRUE

Sankyo Seisakusho contributes to manufacturing
in the automobile, electronic devices,
precision machinery, and machine tool industries

As an “Automated technology service manufacturer, ” Sankyo Group is patronized by many customers who use products based on our cam technology.
Sankyo products were likewise being used in many factories in Thailand.
As we realized there was a need to establish a local subsidiary, in order to provide local support to our Thai customers, we opened Sankyo works (Thailand) Co., Ltd. In this Feb.
This new company will sell Sankyo Group products in Thailand, and provide maintenance service for the customer.
We appreciate your continued support and will put forth our very best effort, in order to meet your expectation.

Sankyo Quality

Realize a high precision, high speed, and high efficiency I have been developing diverse lines of high quality product.

After sales service

In Thailand, maintenance and repair support like Japan are possible.

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Global expansion

I promote the global service system in response to the needs of the visitor.

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METALEX 2019 information

20-23 NOV 2019

​BITEC(Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre)

Thank you for spending your time visiting our booth.

METALEX 2019 page

Exhibit (1) : ≪ Hall: 101 Stand: BG29 ≫

We exhibited following demonstration unit at the booth. And we prepared four displays,
and introduce you such as Variax, RollerDrive, Machine Tool and another products

Press Material Feeder
OPUS2 Series New

Zero-backlash Rotary Table
RCD Series

SP Series / SPT Series

Long Stroke Linear Drive

Exhibit (2) : ≪ Hall: 106 Stand: 6I11 ≫
*a booth of UENO (THAILAND)CO., LTD.*

We exhibited following demonstration unit at the booth. And we prepared four displays,
and introduced you such as Sandex, RollerDrive, Torque Limiters.

Indexing Drives

Zero-backlash Rotary Table
RU Series

RGV SeriesNew

Reliable Hi-Quality Overload Protector 


What's New


 We exhibited at Manufacturing Expo 2019
  • Hall: 99  /  Booth: 0A27

Jun 2019



 We exhibited at METALEX 2018.​
  • Hall: 101  /  Booth: BG11

Aug 2018



 We exhibited at Manufacturing Expo 2018.​

Jun 2018



 New Products
  • Welding positioner "RollerDrive SPSeries"

Jun 2018



New Product


◆ Variax 「OPUS2 series 」 ◆

General-purpose servo feeder for stamping press

The Variax OPUS2 series are servo feeders for presses that are optimized for producing electric motor cores used in home electrical appliances, such as air conditioners and general-purpose motors. Compared to our OPUS1 series high-end Variax model, this series is lighter and more compact. Due to the use of dual roller drives, it offers stable material feeding of various materials (wide, thin, or soft materials) with a low gripping force. Since the models in this series have a large opening and a detachable lower cover, the rollers can be cleaned easily.

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◆ Servo-dex 「EVR2 series 」◆

An indexing/skewing drive system for rotating the motor cores
used for electric motors in home electrical appliances.

The Servo-dex EVR2 series is an indexing/skewing drive system for rotating the electric motor cores used in home appliances. It is optimal for electric motor core production press lines that make motors for home appliances, such as air conditioners and general-purpose motors. It reduces mold maintenance by suppressing vibration when stopping a workpiece with high-precision positioning. It can be controlled easily with a timing signal from the press, allowing various types of control.

Servo-dex page ►



Our Products

 Precision reducers

RollerDrive page ►

 Indexing systems

Sandex page ►

 Press material feeders

Variax page ►

Indexing/skewing drive system for rotating motor core

Servo-dex page ►

 RollerDrive CNC

MachineTools page ►

 Linear drive positioning unit

LinerUnit page ►

  Overload protector

TorqueLimiters page ►




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