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Indexing/skewing drive system for rotating motor core


Servo-dex EVR Series

The Servo-dex EVR series is an indexing or skewing drive system for rotating the motor core for production lines making motor cores for hybrid, PHEV, and EV car motors. By connecting a high-performance servo motor directly to the motor core, it can index core stacks with high-speed and high-torque, while allowing you to set the rotation angle freely. Through the combination of a servo motor and cam curves, production of high-quality motor cores can be improved.

EVR Series (1Model)
| EVR230 |

►Servo-dex EVR Series Catalog [PDF:3.7MB]


►World-class performance using a high-performance motor

►Outstanding reliability due to our original vibration damping design

►It also supports arbitrary rotation angle settings, and skew processing of the motor core

►Built in preventive maintenance and diagnostic functions to support IoT compatibility
►The combination of a servo driven feeder and a servo-dex device results in maximum motor core line optimization


Latest Update 20 Dec 2017
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