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Instrument Introduction


Stamping: Mainly produce drawing stamping of high degree of difficulty. Automatic transfer stamping / Transfer stamping / Single stamping.
Especially aluminum. ​​


CNC machining​

Stable production and quality of
high accuracy.​




Colored / Non-Clored anodizing 
​of automobile parts,
high end audio and etc.​



250 ton Transfer Stamp

150 ton Auto Transfering Stamp

Tapping center

Air blast machine

Combinied lathe

CNC for tool making

Anodizing Line (mass production)  2lines

5 color tanks per line
Chemical polish tank equipped
Silver and color anodizing
Product size max 1,200x 900mm

Anodizing Line (Small sized products and trial)




Process Machine Maker Number of units


250ton transfer stamp Aida 2
150 ton stamp Komatsu, Amada 10
110 ton stamp Aida 5


Machining center Brother, Jingdiao 65
Combinied lathe Mazak 1

Second Process

Washing machine - 2
Tumble barrel polish - 6
Vibration barrel polish - 2
Air blast machine - 2
Laser marker Keyence 3
Pad type printing machine Navitas 7
Logo coloring machine Musashi 2
Spot welder Shindengen 1


Trial line - 1
 M/P line (5 colors / line) - 2

Tooling fabrication, maintenance

Wire Electric Discharge Mitsubishi 1
Fine pores electric discharge Mitsubishi 1
Machining Brother 1
Grinding - 1
Milling - 1
Lathe - 1
Inspection CMM Mitsutoyo, Hexagon 2
OMM Mitsutoyo 3
Image Dimension Keyence 1
3D scanner Solutionix 1
Tensile strength Comtex 1
Anodising color, thickness, roughness 1 1



Water treatment equipment


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