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Cashew Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sell special paint for plastic



・Nichiban NW15 Tape (15 mm x 20 m)
・Nichiban Clear Line Tape (2MM x 10M) (3MM x 10M) (5MM x 10M) (10MM x 10M)
・3M Making Tape No.343 (12mm x 18m) (15mm x 18m) (24mm x 18m) (50mm x 18m)
・3M Plas Masking Tape No. 233P (18mm x 55m) (24mm x 55m) -etc

Denki Touru(Anti Static Cloth)

*SIZE:500×500mm(1 Sheet)
*The cloth wipes work piece to protect the static 


*Packing:100 sheet/bag


Soft Type 
12 Sheet/Box

Kim Wiper

*50 Sheets



Stainless Steel Scoop

◆scoop for mixing colors

P Pot Plastic container, using for mixing paint

3 liters set consists of
*Poly container: 50 pieces
*Holder: 1 piece
*Cap:2 pieces
*Stir rod:2 rods

Poly Cup



*Mesh ((#100 / #120 / #150)

V Cutter

* Exclusive use of square Tin(18L)
* V cutter with safety guide cover

Gangy Can Opener

*Able to open any kind of can easily

 Polyurethane Glolves For Solvents

*DAILOVE Glolves 

Gloves PU


Laboran Gloves PE


Can Cover

*Cover Cap used after you opened the paint can to protect from dust and fall down.


*Cover Cap used after you opened the paint can to protect from dust and fall down.

Micro Chamois

*Capable to rub by dry or moistening water.It is weaved by the delicate fiber so it can clean the very small dust perfectly.
*It doesn’t cause any scratch or static electricity and washable without any change.

Sunlight Compound

*Sunlight compound capable to reduce NG of your product after spraying by get rid of dust on work-piece surface and raised of gloss from paint film surface

Can Carrier

*Convenient move Exclusive use of square Tin
*compact for storage

Spray Gun Iwata 

*W-101-101S PCL-7B-2  *W-101-082P  *W-101-101G PC-4S
Type of feed:Suction Type of feed:Pressure Type of feed:Gravity 
Nozzie 1.0 Nozzie 0.8 Nozzie 1.0

Iwata Cup NK-2

*Can control paint viscosity more
capacity 36cc

Seam Stock Plate

①Use for measure film thickness
②Cut ” Seem Stock Plate” approximately 1cm long.
③Attaching Seem Stock Plate upon measurement needs area.
④Finally, measurement film thickness with thickness tester.

Staunless Can Cutter

*Capable to lever and open the can cap.

Psychrometer Wet-Dry -20/50℃

◆Range -20/50℃

Turn Table

*Turn table for your smooth paint.
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