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AS/RS  "Rack Sorter"

─ Storage solution developed from Toyota's production and logistics know-how. ─


Space saving

Storage efficiency is greatly improved by making full use of the upper space to the ceiling. A space saving of about 1/3 has been achieved compared to static racks.

Contributing to the improvement of handling quality without the risk of collapse or damage.

Contributing to safer, more secure product storage compared to block stacking, where there is a risk of load collapse and product damage.

Improving inventory control level in combination with information system

Accurate and real-time inventory control is possible by using an inventory control system such as IS-200. Realization of inventory and logistics visualization.

Contributing to labor saving in the field

Implementing automation, efficiency improvement of storage and put away work with many advanced functions. Thoroughly reduce waste and contribute to saving labor in the field.



Pallet AS/RS

" Rack Sorter P "

Mini Load AS/RS

" Rack Sorter B "

Introduction video



 >  Use


● Sorting / Picking

In conjunction with the delivery line, it can also be used for sorting by delivery destination.

If multiple stations are installed, sorting will be highly efficient.

● Orderly delivery

Not only sorting according to each shipping destination, but according to the loading order to the truck and the order on the production line, the automatic delivery is also performed. Reordering work after goods retrieval is unnecessary.

Information system enables quick response to sudden storage and retrieval instructions. Storage and management without stagnation is possible.

● Transport

It can be used not only for storage but also for transfer to the post process as an intermediate buffer between production lines and processes. It can also be used for line transportation between different levels of floor and three-dimensional storage conveyors.


The combination of peripheral equipment enables accurate and quick flow of goods from receiving to loading.

U-shaped conveyor

aisle conveyor

Mobil sorter and aisle conveyor


 >  Introduction video


 >  Rack Sorter P (AS/RS Pallet model)


Enable first-in, first-out quality improvement and inventory management. Toyota's AS/RS, "Rack sorter P"

New Function

Newly adopted technology, such as cycle time shortening by vibration control function and energy saving effect by DC link, realizes function improvement.


Many safety features are available. Safety functions greatly contribute to ensuring product and operators' safety.

Easy Operation

Color liquid crystal touch panel is adopted which operation is easy for beginners to understand easily. Helping to improve work efficiency by eliminating time for searching.

Stable Operation

The advanced functions of the new rack sorter P contribute to the prevention of system failure and support early recovery even in case of trouble.

Inventory Management System

Link with the company's management system, enabling real-time inventory management. The system can be customized upon customer's request.




 >  Rack Sorter B (AS/RS Mini Load model)


Saving labor and space.

Compact Design

While making the most of the space to the ceiling, we have made a compactification of the crane and frontage. ASRS can store the same number of buckets in a space of about 1/2 to 1/3 compared to the conventional shelf storage system. In addition, installation on the second floor is possible by weight reduction.

Speedy Storage and Retrieval

By weight reduction and compact design, AS/RS enables to control speed precisely and accelerate speed for crane.

Easy Handling

IS-200 for Windows for inventory management is simple to use. The excellent visibility has been secured and ASRS has become easier to handle.

Quiet and Clean Work Environment

ASRS crane is lightweight and uses urethane wheels and aluminum rails to enable quiet travel.





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