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​Moving Rack

─ Storage for heavy objects and pallets to small items with reduced aisle space. ─


Space-saving rack that spreads an aisle when it is necessary to take out the load. Storage space is about twice what of static racks can store in the same space.

Efficient warehouse operation and management can be performed by eliminating various wastes such as duplication of personnel and equipment, time of storage and picking.



Case Studies (Video)

Variation / Specification



 >  Features

1. Convenient functions considering the operation

Pursuing a site that is easy to work with, Toyota has been equipped moving racks with various functions.

※ It can use as static rack

All aisle opening function
(patent pending)

Open all aisles with one button. You can efficiently perform inventory and manual picking.

※ It can cope with slight movement

Manual operation function
(patent pending)

Aisle can be spread for pre-set width with one button.

※ It reduces waiting time of aisle opening

Open aisle reservation function (patent pending)

The aisle spreading order can be reserved up to 3 aisles. The waiting time for spreading the aisle during work is shortened, and work efficiency is improved.

※ It reduces running cost

Auto power off

Power off automatically if there is no operation for a fixed time. We also consider the global environment with an energy saving function that reduces power consumption.


2. Easy operation with one button

Anyone can use the "Moving Rack" function.
The one-button operation by the large-sized switch which is easy to operate.

► Main panel

In addition to the key switch, it is equipped with an emergency stop switch, a mode switch, and an all aisles spread switch.

► Sub panel

Arranged one by one for each truck. Equipped with an aisle opening switch and a manual switch (arrow display button operation) used when performing a manual operation.

► High-performance panel

※ Optional setting for rail type heavy weight class Liquid crystal panel equipped with touch panel. 2 Aisle spreading · Aisle spreading reservation · Always set aisle opening · Temporary fixed.

► Optical remote control

※ Optional setting for heavy weight By pressing the key toward the light receiving part of the aisle, it is possible to release the interlock, open the designated aisle, and stop the traveling of the racks.


3. Triple safety design

The safety control of the rack itself as well as notifying the operator of the condition of the rack by sight and hearing contributes to accident prevention.

► Motor with brake

※ Heavy weight
The weight class uses a motor with a brake, and when an abnormality occurs, the brake operates and the truck stops at a shorter distance than usual.

► Traffic light

※ Only weight class
It blinks while the truck is running, and lights up when there is an abnormality to notify operator of the system status.

► Bumper sensor

※ Heavy weight
​When the bumper sensor (beam type) detects an obstacle about 70 mm above the floor in the traveling direction, all moving carriages stop.

► Entry sensor

When the entrance sensor (beam type) detects an obstacle about 90 cm above the floor surface between adjacent shelves, all moving carriages stop.



 >   Case Studies (Video)

Moving Rack Railless Type Movement Type / GENEO-R



 >  Variation / Specification


Ideal for storing heavy goods & pallets   It can use for storage of accessories such as electronic parts

Heavy weight series

Rail type · Railless type
[Standard specification]
Operating temperature range: -10℃ to 40℃
[Refrigeration specification]
Operating temperature range: -30℃ to 40℃


Light and medium weight series

Rail type
L type (lightweight) / load/level: 150kg
M type (medium weight) / load/level: 200 kg
​Type K (medium volume) / load/level: 300 kg / 500 kg





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