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─ Automated load carrier for high density storage applications ─

Radioshuttle is a motorized truck that transports goods using a specially designed rack like a tunnel. This solution is ideal for customers who want to make better use of expensive warehouse space, such as cold storage, because they can store goods efficiently. Radioshuttle can be handled with standard 1.5 ton reach or counter lifts. In addition, it is possible to correspond to the palette of various sizes.


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Radioshuttle is an automated solution that can be remotely controlled at high travel speeds to store and transport products in high density and efficiency. RS150 can handle various pallet sizes and can transport pallets up to 1200 x 1200 mm2. Operation is easy because one shuttle can control multiple shuttles from anywhere.

Handling load 1.5 ton

Wireless control

Fast move

With safety function

Ideal for refrigerated environments


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Radioshuttle is an optimal solution that enables high-capacity storage at logistics sites handling small-lot, high-volume shipments.


FIFO or FILO first-in first-out, first-in last-out   Cold storage

One of the many benefits of the Radioshuttle system is its flexibility. Storage capacity can be maximized by loading and unloading at the same rack opening in FILO operation. It can also be used efficiently with FIFO. For example, you can use both ends of the rack to receive goods from one side and issue goods from the other side.


Efficient use of space is very important in refrigerated areas. High refrigeration costs increase storage costs. You can expect significant cost savings by using Radioshuttle to maximize storage capacity. The Radioshuttle system supports customers by providing up to 85% space utilization, capable of handling temperatures up to -30 °.

Tunnel picking   Marshalling

Radioshuttle makes it easy to set up a replenishment inventory storage location on the picking tunnel. Picking areas can be prepared without sacrificing storage capacity. The reach truck pick the pallets from the top replenishment storage location and refills the inventory at the bottom picking location.


Warehouse handling space is often overlooked when optimizing storage capacity. By building mezzanine on the handling space and providing storage space, storage capacity can be increased without interfering with normal operation.



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