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Material Handling Equipment (AS/RS, AGV, etc.) Sales, Installation, After-Sales Service


Maximum Load Capacity 750kg!(Option)

Communication by Wi-Fi and optical communication unit. (Option)

Anybody can program operation with excel.

Do you think AGV is "expensive" or "hard to set up"?

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Key Cart is

inexpensive to implement!

easy setting,
easy to carry products and parts!

KEY   =   Kaizen   Easy   Yourself 



System operation example

Introduction video

Transport capacity





 >  Features


A simple structure focusing on basic functions!

Standard equipped with safety functions

Since it has a simple structure, it is easy for customers to customize it, such as mounting a bracket

Easy course installation, easy change!

As the guideway only uses magnetic tape, it is possible to make the course and change the layout easily.

We offer two types to select according to work environment!

Standard types of loading / undercovering
 Tow types for traction only

 A highly versatile standard type for processes with many usage and layout changes

 A tow type that allows small turns in narrow places


Easy maintenance!

The adoption of a brushless motor and a chainless transmission mechanism eliminates the need for lubrication, replacement, and adjustment.

 It is not necessary to replace the cable regularly by adopting a steering system that does not rotate the drive module


 >  System operation example


Key Cart can cope with various transportation forms according to the site of the customer.

traction type

Automate transport by hand cart

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loading type

Automate sorting

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Set Parts Supply system

Set Parts Supply system

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 >  Introduction video / Case study

AGV Key Cart - to be Automatic way

AGV Key Cart Toyota Material Handling

Simple AGV Key Cart Standard Type (Sony Technology (Thailand))

Simple AGV Key Cart Tow Type (Nest Logistics Co., Ltd.)


 >  Transport capacity

Wide carriage (with rear wheel fixed caster) Towing by one point connection

Maximum transport load (approximately)
... 500 kg

Hand cart (with rear wheel fixed caster)
1 point connection towing only forward

Maximum transport load (approximately)
... 500 kg

Attach the cradle,
Load directly

Maximum transport load (approximately)
... 200 kg

Caster cart (4 wheels free caster) 1 point connection + 2 points support towing

Maximum transport load (approximately)
... 50 kg

※ In these transportation methods, it is restricted by the moment of inertia of (machine base + cart, stand + load). It is advantageous that the moment of inertia around the drive shaft center (link pin hole position) is reduced. If the maximum speed is set low, the transportable mass will increase. Please judge whether it can be transported or not by carrying out a running test with the loading condition close to the actual use.


 >  Variety of option line ups

Create work pattern settings
​in an Excel table.
Easy to configure for everyone.

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Rich consolidation options


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Other major options

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Please feel free to contact us with product details, questions and inquiries.

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